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Wednesday, November 29th 2017, 7:24pm

Mad King's Laboratory: Zen's Flash Necromancer

Mad King's Laboratory: Zen's Flash Necromancer

I'm the kind of person who tends to seek out the best build for whatever class I am playing in a season, and I will stick with it until I feel like I can no longer push any higher in greater rifts. The feeling I get out of optimizing and tweaking a build until there is no more performance to squeeze out of it is just one of many reasons I continue to play Diablo on a regular basis. I'm always looking at how I can possibly improve my gear, skills, or play-style; however, if you are anything like me, you know that you need a break from the cutting edge every once in a while... Sometimes, you just need laugh maniacally at your screen and have some fun.


Mad King's Laboratory


One of my favorite things to do in Diablo is to come up with dumb builds. These are builds that put a massive grin on my face, but they don't need to be very good or serve any specific purpose. They are often centered around one or two ideas, and their only requirement is that they make me have a hysterical amount of fun. Not every build in the game needs to be able to clear greater rift 120+ solo with time to spare. There is plenty of room in the game for builds that are simply fun to play, and put a smile on your face.


Today's build spotlight for the Mad King's Laboratory is a build I made with only one goal for my Necromancer: I wanted to go fast!


I was tired of being left behind in rifts, so I needed to shed my old identity as a the brooding corpse-raising-pale-skinned man who didn't socialize well in Tristram because of the horrible smell of undeath around me. I needed to become someone else, I needed to become something else.... I needed to become the Flash.


The Build:

Big things sometimes have small beginnings, and this build began with the Steuart's Greaves---a pair of Necromancer boots that increases your movement speed by 100% after using Blood Rush. I incorporated the boots in my Necromancer Torment XIII speed farming build that I call the Corpse Party. While using these boots, I was suddenly much quicker in rifts at the expense of a little extra damage; although, I realized it wasn't enough... I wanted to be even faster. I shifted my entire focus on not necessarily being good, but being fast. As it turns out, it's possible to do both.


This build is quite impressive for clearing Torment XIII rifts quickly, finishing bounties, or even power leveling a friend. Your toughness is reliant on picking up gold to boost your armor with Goldwrap, but if you want to do low level greater rifts you can easily switch it out for Dayntee's Binding. All of your damage is coming from Bone Armor and Corpse Explosion. Keep an eye on your Golem, since he will be dropping a corpse every second for to you explode with the use of the Moribund Gauntlets. If you ever find yourself needing a corpse immediately and your Golem is too busy trying to kill a lone enemy in the corner of your screen, just use your Blood Rush to drop a usable corpse at your feet!


This is fairly easy to gear for, but there may be a working variation of this build that uses the Legacy of Nightmares ring set and ancient pieces of the gold gear---such as Goldskin and Kymbo's Gold. In fact, you should feel free to adjust anything you see in this build in order to fit your needs. You can easily drop some speed in favor of more damage, or vice-versa! But just remember, the entire goal of this build is not to be good, but to be fast!



Let me know in the comments what changes you would make to the build, or you can share your own crazy build with me for future spotlights with the Mad King's Laboratory!

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